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(distance abt. 200 nautical miles)

1. General

The Record Passage on the Route Gdynia-Świnoujście or Świnoujście-Gdynia is under the managment:

  • Round the World Regatta Association, Gdynia.
  • Navy Yacht Club "Kotwica", Gdynia;

In relation to the matters connected with setting up a record of the passage under sail, the above sponsors of the competition are represented by Route Record Committee. The establishment of a new record of the passage has to be made according to the following rules and has to be ratified by the Route Record Committee.
The name of the skipper who set up a new record and information about the yacht will be published for general information.

A new record is considered to be set up when the time of covering the distance is at least one minute better than the former one.

2. Participation

Sailing yachts about length 6,5 m,without limitation of sail area,class or type are entitled for breaking the record of the passage.

The passage is to be undertaken individually at the time chosen by the competitor and registered in his application.

3. Application

The application for passage has to be submitted before the start by e-mail or phone to the Route Record Committee.

The passage can be made every year between 1 st May and 31 st October . In the application the following data should be included:

- name, surname and nationality of the skipper

- name of the yacht and her number on sails

- day and time of the start.

Before the start or after covering the passage the skipper is asked to submit additional information concerning the name and type of the yacht, her owner and crew. May be subject to the safety control by the Route Record Committee.

4. Route

The passage is to be made between GDYNIA and ŚWINOUJŚCIE Or vice versa. The length of the route is abt 200 nautical miles.

The start/finish line is in Gdynia :

  • southern approach to the merchant harbour 3 cables in the southern direction.

The start/finish Line is in Świnoujście:

  • the east groin of the entrance – the fairway buoy No. „16” .

5. Checking the time of passage

The time of completing the course and passing the final line has to be entered into the yacht’s logbook.

The passage time is calculated exactly to one minute.

The measurement of time can also be done by the Route Record Committee.

6. Propulsion means

During the passage the yachts can be driven only by the force of the wind. The Route Record Committee can demand to seal the engines.

7. Other sources of energy

Only the muscle – power of the crew can be used for the operations of any instruments and devices on board the yacht.

Various means of hydraulic and/or mechanic transmission are not prohibited.

Other sources of energy can be used only for lighting, cooking and use of electronic navigation instruments.

8. Crew

The skipper named In the application has to be on board the yacht from the start to the end of the passage.

9. Notification of the record

The time of crossing the route must be given in a written form ( extract from the logbook ) as quickly as possibile after arriving at the finish at the Round the World Regatta Association at Gdynia.

10. Ratification of the record

The Route Record Committee confirms the establishment of the record. The record is to be confirmed officially on the day of its ratification.

It will be approved by the special CERTIFICATE.

11. The responsibility of the owner and responsibility of the organizer

a) The safety of the yacht and her crew is the only and inevitable responsibility of the owner who must take care of the yacht to be fully seaworthy and manned by the experienced crew, physically fit to face bad weather conditions. The yacht must comply with the requirements of the „healthy” hull, rigging, sails and all the equipment. The owner must take care of all the safety equipment to be properly kept and stowed.The crew must know where it is and how to use it.

b) Neither the establishment of the Special Rules used by the Route Record Committee nor the control of the yacht in accordance with these rules restricts or reduces the ful responsibility of the owner or his

c) The only and exclusive responsibility of every yacht skipper is the decision to start or continue the attempt of beating the route record.

d) The Route Record Committee will not accept any liability for any material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after breaking the record, and damage or loss of the yacht participating in this record.

12. Interpretation

In case of any controversies the final decision of the Route Record Committee will be binding.

Any suggestions and current problems concerning the record of the passage should be sent to the adress:


e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chief: Marian Kula

Secretary: Norbert Patalas

Edward Kinas

Maciej Pytlik

Zenon Gralak

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